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Fumei Apiculture provide all kinds of beekeeping tools for beekeepers in the beekeeping. For example, bee smoker, beeswax foundation machine, hive tools, honey scraper, frame excluder, queen excluder scrapper, bee brush, queen cage, bee feeder, pollen collector, propolis collector and so on.

Beekeeping Tools for Bee Frame:

  -Iron wire

  -Embedding Device

  -Frame wire Crimper

  -Eyelet, Brass

  -Frame Grip

  -Frame stripe

  Queen Excluder Rearing:

  -Queen excluder

  -Septa for bee

  -Queen bee set

  -Grafiting tool

  Beekeeping Tools for royal jelly and bee pollen:

  -Pollen trap

  -Collecting box for pollen

  -Royal jelly cup

  -Royal jelly pen

  -Royal jelly bottle

  -Queen marker

  -Degumming plate

  -Propolis collector

  Beekeeping Tools for honey:

  -Bee brush

  -Honey knife

  -Hive tool

  -Clean shovel

  -Honey pump machine

  -Honey strainer

  -Density meter

  -Baum degree

  Bee feeder:

  -518 model

  -Duckbill model

  -Trough model

  Bees Feeding, Health, Disinfection:

  -Bee pollen

  -Royal jelly


  -Bee medicine

  Beehive Fixed Transitions:

  -Beehive connector

  -Stationary belt

  -Beehive Handle

  -Brake belt

  Small or Medium Machine:

  -Beeswax foundation machine

  -Foundation machine roller

  -Wax presser

  -Press-polishing machine

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