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  • 2016-01-04 11:40
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 Our factory can customize different size of Langstroth and Dadant beehive and bee frame. Different sizes of beehive and bee frame for South of Korea, Australia, USA, Canada and EU market.

  You can choose fir or pine wood as the material of beehive or bee frame.

  A complete fir or pine wood beehive includes outer cover, inner cover, shallow honey super, queen excluder, deep brood box and bottom board. Any customer needs the screen bottom board and hive stand, we also can provide together.




  Material Available:

  -Fir Wood

  -Pine Wood


  Forms Available of Beehive:

  -One Level Langstroth Beehive

  -Two Levels Langstroth Beehive

  -One Level Dadant Beehive

  -Two Levels Dadant Beehive


  Forms Available of Bee frame:

  -Unassembled Bee Frame

  -Assembled Bee Frame with Wire


  -Assembled Bee Frame with Wire and Beeswax Foundation Sheet

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